Best WhatsApp Marketing Software for Your Business

Sourabh Upreti
Sourabh Upreti
May 3, 2023

Looking for the best WhatsApp marketing software for your business?

Let me tell you the truth; it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except the haystack is filled with software, and the needle is the right one for your business. And let's be honest, who has time for that?

But fret not. We've got your back like a chiropractor.😉

In this article, we'll guide you through the maze of options and highlight the top WhatsApp marketing software with its unique features, so you can sit back, relax, and choose the one that fits your business like a glove.

But before we figure out the best software, let's start with the basics and how to select the right Whatsapp marketing software for your WhatsApp marketing strategy.

What Is WhatsApp Marketing Software and Why Do You Need It?

WhatsApp Marketing Software is a powerful tool designed to help business owners like you enhance marketing efforts on WhatsApp. 

In one line, if WhatsApp is your marketing channel, WhatsApp Marketing Software is your command center.

It automates tasks like sending bulk messages, managing contacts, and generating insightful reports under one roof, making your life much easier. No more manual labor and repetitive tasks for you, my friend!

But, why do you need it? Well, with over 2.24 billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp is a goldmine of potential customers just waiting to be tapped. WhatsApp Marketing Software streamlines your marketing efforts, allowing you to reach a wider audience, engage with them effectively, and ultimately, drive sales.

The best part? Your competitors are yet to leverage WhatsApp as their primary marketing channel. 

This gives you a head-start in the game and an opportunity to build your brand image. Be it abandoned cart recovery messages or collecting reviews from your users, you can do everything with WhatsApp marketing software without burning the midnight oil.

With so many features and benefits to leverage, why would one not want to use WhatsApp as a marketing tool?

What to Look for in a Good WhatsApp Marketing Software?

Let's admit it; many WhatsApp marketing software vendors are out there. But not all of them can provide you with the best possible solution. 

To make sure you don't land up with a mediocre one, here's what to look for in a good WhatsApp marketing software:

1. Smooth operator

Seek a WhatsApp Marketing Software with an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to manage your campaigns effortlessly. This will help you manage your campaigns without hassle and allow you to focus on other essential aspects of your business. From the interface to building a workflow, all must be easy to navigate to make things easier.

You should be able to spend less time deciphering the platform and more time engaging with your customers with the software you choose, so make sure it's easy to use.

2. The scalability 

Choose software that scales with your business, handling larger marketing campaigns as your Shopify store expands. A reliable tool will support your growth without buckling under pressure. Also, ensure that it won't pile up too many bills when you scale and use multiple features.

3. Personal touch, please

Look for a platform that enables the personalization of messages to create a unique brand experience for your customers. In fact, consumers are 77% more likely to buy a product or service from a company that offers personalized services. So why miss that 77% of customers?

Moreover, tailored messaging helps your Shopify store stand out and leaves a lasting impression between sales. A reliable tool will let you create a unique brand experience by personalizing your messages and adding a human touch to your marketing campaigns.

4. In-depth analytics

Look for software that provides in-depth analytics and reporting, so you can make informed decisions about your marketing campaigns. The more insights you have, the better equipped you'll be to optimize your strategies.

Benefits of WhatsApp marketing software

Here are the benefits of using WhatsApp marketing software:

1. Boosts customer engagement

As customer engagement and satisfaction are key to any business’s success, it's essential for companies to regularly interact with customers. One of the best ways to do this is by using WhatsApp’s messaging features, which allow a business to easily reach a much larger user base.

From sending promotional offers to personalized messages, businesses can use WhatsApp as an effective communication platform. Customers can receive these messages quickly and conveniently, allowing a company to boost both customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

2. Customization connection

With the best WhatsApp marketing software, you can easily customize your messages to be more relevant to your customer base. With this approach, you can tailor your marketing campaigns to meet each customer's specific needs.

It's like a match made in marketing heaven!

3. A Loyalty love affair

By connecting with your customers on a personal level, you'll strengthen not only their loyalty to your business but also to your brand as a whole. WhatsApp Marketing Software helps you go beyond a simple interaction and build lasting relationships with your audience.

4. Speedy support

When a business responds to a lead within minutes, the likelihood of converting that prospect into an actual customer increases by 78%. Of those who responded immediately when contacted through text messaging, 55% said they felt personally connected to brands as opposed to email or social media.

With WhatsApp's instant messaging capabilities, you can provide timely support and keep your customers happy. No more waiting around for an email reply – it's all about real-time communication.

5. Boosts sales

Compared to WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp marketing software comes with tons of features, specifically tailored to boost sales. 

Be it abandoned cart or upselling your customers with their past purchases, you can get everything done within a few clicks.

How to Choose the Best Software for WhatsApp Marketing: A Step-By-Step Guide

Picking the perfect WhatsApp Marketing Software for your business can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. But fear not! With this guide, you'll find the best match in no time.

1. Identify your needs

Before you embark on your search for the ideal WhatsApp Marketing Software, take a moment to reflect on your business requirements and marketing goals. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What are my customer engagement objectives?

  • Do I need bulk messaging or automated campaigns?

  • How important are customization and personalization for my brand?

By understanding your needs, you'll have a clearer vision of the features you should prioritize, such as ease of use, customization options, analytics, and integration capabilities. Consider real-life use cases like launching a new product line, recovering lost sales, or managing customer inquiries, and how the software can help streamline these tasks.

2. Do your research

To make an informed decision, you'll need to explore various options available in the market. Dive into websites, read reviews, and check out forums to learn more about different platforms. I know, it takes time, so we have already shortlisted some software below. Hold on, we will review it later in this article.😉

3. Consider your budget

When choosing WhatsApp Marketing Software, keep your budget in mind. Assess the costs associated with different platforms and determine which one offers the best value for your money. Ask yourself:

  • Is the software subscription-based or a one-time purchase?

  • Does the platform offer a free trial?

  • Will there be additional costs for advanced features or integrations?

Remember, the most expensive option isn't always the best fit. Make sure to weigh the costs against the features and benefits offered by each software.

4. Test the waters: The trial run

Before committing to WhatsApp Marketing Software, take advantage of any free trials or demos offered by the platform. This hands-on experience will give you a better understanding of how the software works, its features, and whether it meets your expectations.

During the trial, evaluate the software based on your identified needs and use cases. For example, test out its bulk messaging capabilities for promoting a flash sale or see how easily you can set up automated marketing campaigns.

5. Evaluate customer support: Your safety net

Lastly, don't forget to consider the quality of customer support that the software company provides. When you need assistance or face technical issues, you'll want a responsive and helpful support team by your side. To gauge the level of customer support, ask questions like:

  • Are they available 24/7 or only during specific hours?

  • Do they offer support through multiple channels like email, phone, or live chat?

  • What is the average response time for inquiries?

The better the customer support, the more likely you are to stay with that company for the long term.

In the end, it's important to remember that you get what you pay for. While there are many cheap options out there, they typically come with limitations that make them difficult or impossible to use. If you're serious about your business and want a software solution that will help grow your company into a success story, then invest in high-quality software from a reputable vendor.

The 5 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software

There are many WhatsApp marketing software providers out there, but not all of them offer the same level of quality. Here is a list of five of the best options:

1. BiteSpeed

BiteSpeed is an all-in-one option for Shopify store that helps you from recovering your abandoned carts to upsell to your customers. BiteSpeed transforms your WhatsApp into a sales powerhouse packed with features! With WhatsApp being the preferred communication channel for most users, you can expect high open rates and increased conversions compared to other channels like email.


Indeed! BiteSpeed allows you to create automated campaigns designed to boost sales from your customers. Auto-campaigns are messages scheduled to be delivered automatically to your WhatsApp subscribers based on their stage in the buying cycle. For example, if a user places an order, they will receive a confirmation message along with a product recommendation. Isn't that impressive?

Once you've set up the auto-campaigns, they'll start sending automatically based on users' actions on your website. These campaigns are the most efficient way to use your time while maximizing ROI with BiteSpeed. If you're just starting, you can create a manual workflow to upsell because your store will have limited data. However, if you have a medium-sized business, you can automate the entire flow and watch the revenue roll in.

Furthermore, you can increase your customer LTV by sending product updates every two weeks to your customer base.

Top Features of BiteSpeed:

  • Multiple opt-in templates to create exit intent pop-ups in various designs and styles, allowing you to build a WhatsApp subscriber list.

  • Ability to send advanced abandoned cart recovery messages via WhatsApp.

  • An intuitive dashboard for creating, editing, managing, and deploying your messages.

  • Chatbot flow builder for automating customer queries, taking orders, and more.

  • WhatsApp shop and catalog integration, bringing your entire Shopify store to WhatsApp.

  • Capability to collect photo reviews from customers directly through WhatsApp.

  • Segmented broadcast messages for sending the right message to the right person at the right time without being blocked or marked as SPAM by potential customers.

  • Upsell similar products when a customer places an order, increasing the average value of their orders.

  • It enables you to upsell and cross-sell by providing tailored product suggestions to customers during or after their purchase, increasing the average order value and boosting customer lifetime value (LTV).

2. WATI 

WATI is designed to make it easier for marketers and businesses to effectively use WhatsApp for marketing purposes. The user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop builder allows even non-technical people to create customized messages quickly and easily.  


At the same time, this can also be a downside since marketers would not have access to other channel options aside from WhatsApp which some may find limiting. However, if all you need are WhatsApp campaigns then WATI has the potential to be the perfect tool for your needs. 

With powerful features such as message broadcasting, customer communication, and personalized messages, you can reach out directly to customers with great precision and speed.

Top Features of WATI:

  • WATI enables you to establish an engaging shop catalog within WhatsApp, making it incredibly user-friendly for customers to explore and purchase products directly from the messaging app.
  • It simplifies the order management process by automating order confirmations, updates, and follow-ups, ensuring seamless communication between your business and customers.
  • With WATI's chatbot flow builder, you can easily automate customer inquiries, order placements, and more, providing top-notch support while saving time and resources.
  • WATI's platform offers in-depth analytics and reporting tools to help you make informed decisions about your WhatsApp marketing campaigns and track their performance.
  • WATI allows you to send segmented broadcast messages tailored to specific customer segments, ensuring relevant communication and minimizing the risk of being blocked or marked as SPAM. 
  • Seamlessly connect WATI with your existing CRM systems and other tools to enhance your marketing strategies and create a unified customer experience.

 3. NovoChat 

NovoChat is an advanced chat marketing platform aimed at e-commerce businesses. It covers the four main messaging apps, integrating with Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, and LINE. 


Its range of features makes it a great tool for boosting customer engagement – users can broadcast message campaigns to their customers on Whatsapp and Messenger; they also have the option to set up automated replies in order to ensure they're always responding quickly enough, no matter how many messages they get. The NovoChat dashboard gives users real-time performance data so that they can measure success too.

Despite its potential, NovoChat is still relatively young and has yet to carve out a strong reputation for itself as a reliable provider of chat marketing services.

That being said, the growing demand for this type of technology could prove beneficial for the company – as more and more businesses begin leveraging chat messaging apps for marketing purposes, it creates a bigger market that NovoChat can tap into. All in all, NovoChat is an interesting piece of technology with plenty of advertising potential and one that looks poised to become even more popular in the years ahead.

Top Features of NovoChat

  • With NovoChat's team inbox, your entire customer support team can work together efficiently, assigning conversations, adding notes, and ensuring seamless communication with customers.
  • Create and customize chatbot flows to handle common customer inquiries, order processing, and other tasks, reducing manual work and providing a responsive customer experience.
  • NovoChat easily integrates with your existing CRM, helpdesk, and other tools, streamlining your marketing and support workflows and ensuring a cohesive customer journey.
  • Its built-in analytics and reporting tools provide valuable insights into your messaging campaigns' performance, helping you make data-driven decisions and optimize your marketing strategies.

4. WhatSo 

Whatso is a dedicated marketing platform that offers a number of different solutions for businesses of all sizes. They offer WhatsApp Marketing Software which allows users to send up to 1000 messages per day from their Mac or Windows desktop.


This tool is not officially verified by Meta, but it does enable businesses to quickly send out large-scale campaigns with ease. Additionally, Whatso also offers an unofficial WhatsApp API that enables small businesses to deliver transactional messages at a lower scale. This free API can be integrated with Whatso’s extension and allows users to send up to 100 messages per day without any setup charges.

Top Features of WhatSo 

  • WhatSo enables you to send bulk messages to your customer base, reaching a larger audience and improving customer engagement with ease.
  • Schedule messages to be sent at specific times, ensuring timely communication with your customers and better engagement.
  • Set up automated responses for common inquiries, saving time and providing quick, consistent answers to your customers.
  • Filter and segment your contact lists based on specific criteria, such as last seen, online status, or other demographics, ensuring targeted messaging for maximum impact.

5. is an automated customer engagement tool that allows businesses to easily manage conversations across multiple messaging apps, including WhatsApp.


It provides a comprehensive suite of features aimed at boosting customer service, such as message analytics and automation, which enables businesses to deliver quick, consistent responses to customer inquiries. 

Additionally, Respondio also offers an AI-based chatbot builder that allows you to create custom bots for automated customer service.

Top Features of

  • Respondio’s team inbox allows your customer support team to collaborate efficiently and ensure seamless communication with customers.
  • Create custom chatbots to handle common customer inquiries and automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for your team to focus on more complex issues.
  • Maintain a centralized database of your contacts and access detailed customer profiles, including interaction history and custom fields. 
  • Automatically route and assign incoming messages to the right team members based on predefined rules, ensuring a swift and efficient response to customer inquiries.

Stick With the Best WhatsApp Marketing Software

It's safe to say that choosing the best WhatsApp marketing software for your business can be a challenging task, but it's a critical one to get right. By selecting the right tool for your business, you can streamline your messaging, automate your marketing efforts, and ultimately, grow your sales and revenue.

While all the WhatsApp marketing software options mentioned have their unique set of features and benefits, BiteSpeed stands out from the crowd with its exceptional capabilities. BiteSpeed offers a comprehensive range of features that allows you to streamline your messaging, automate your marketing efforts, and skyrocket your revenue.

But that's not all. With BiteSpeed, you can also integrate your WhatsApp shop and catalog, collect photo reviews from customers, and send segmented broadcast messages to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Plus, BiteSpeed's ability to upsell similar products and cross-sell additional products to customers two weeks after their initial purchase can boost your customer lifetime value.

And that's just a piece of cake. Want to see what BiteSpeed can do for you? Schedule a free demo and let us show you how BiteSpeed can transform your business with the power of WhatsApp marketing. And yeah, don't wait until your competition outruns you. 

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