5 Awesome Shopify Abandoned Cart Email Templates to boost sales

Sourabh Upreti
Sourabh Upreti
March 9, 2023

Are you tired of feeling like a lonely shopkeeper, watching potential customers abandon their carts and saunter away from your online store without making a purchase? 

It can be frustrating to see your hard work and marketing efforts go to waste as people add items to their carts but never follow through with the sale. You may even feel like you're losing money as you watch these potential customers slip away.

But all is not lost! There are things you can do to increase the number of people who complete their purchase by sending abandoned cart emails. 

In this post, we'll walk through 5 abandoned cart email templates you can use immediately to boost your Shopify sales.

Let's dive in!

What is Shopify cart abandoned email?

The abandoned cart email is a communication retailers use to reach out to customers who have left their online shopping carts without completing their purchase. This presents a chance to reconnect with the customer and finalize the sale. 

Moosend reports that these emails have an impressive open rate of around 45%, with approximately 21% of recipients clicking through. It's truly remarkable to consider the potential earnings that can be recovered through these lost sales.

But why do they even abandon their carts? Well, there are multiple reasons. Maybe the website crashed, the process was more complicated than navigating a corn maze blindfolded, or maybe they just got distracted by a funny cat video on YouTube. Who knows?

But when you send a follow-up email, you can recover those lost sales and build customer loyalty.

Why should you send an abandoned cart email?

First, those abandoned carts in your virtual aisles represent potential profit just waiting to be scooped up. An estimated 75% of lapsed buyers intend to return to their carts, so it's crucial to reach out and draw them back in a while your store and products are still fresh in their minds.

And let's be honest; sometimes, customers abandon their carts without meaning to do so. Maybe the website crashed, the process was more complicated than filing taxes, or the site timed out faster than a sneeze. A gentle reminder email can help nudge those potential customers back in the right direction and recuperate lost revenue.

But wait, there's more! Cart abandonment emails aren't just about making bank. They can also improve your customer experience and relationships.  

Types of abandoned cart email

Now that you know the basics of abandoned cart emails, it's time for the fun stuff: getting creative. You can customize your email to fit any circumstances, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Classic remainder email

You've probably seen the classic email before. It's a simple reminder that someone left their cart at checkout, allowing them to complete their purchase. This is one of the best ways to get customers back on board, but be careful not to come across as too pushy.

This is where you get creative with your email copy. The more creative you are, the more sales you can make. Here's an example,

Casper uses clean design in abandoned cart email.

You can see the creative copy used here. It's playful and fun but not overly so. The email also includes some compelling reviews that actually can convince customers to continue their purchase.

Best practices to use this mail:

  • Use a subject line that’s compelling but not overly pushy.
  • Include a call to action (CTA) in your email copy. For example: “Complete Your Purchase Below!”
  • Include a picture of the product and its features.
  • Use bullet points to highlight your product’s benefits.
  • Make sure that your email copy is short.

2. Create urgency

You can use the scarcity principle to create urgency in your email copy. If customers know they’ll miss out on an offer, they’ll be more likely to act now rather than later. For example: “Limited Quantity Available! Buy Now!”

This will encourage your customers to take action now rather than later. The more limited the product, the greater its perceived value becomes. Here's an example,


This is a wholesome email with all the details enough to persuade the user to take action. Let me split them for you.

  • First is free shipping: As we know, free shipping is a powerful motivator. It makes online shoppers feel they’re getting a good deal and that the company cares about their needs. It creates trust between the brand and the customer, increasing conversion rates in the long run.
  • Personalization: The email is personalized to the user, which gives it a more human touch. It’s also clear that the brand knows who they’re targeting and how they want to communicate with them. They recognize their target audience’s needs and wants, showing they care about their customers.
  • Interest-free payment split-ups: This is the most potent element. The email offers the user a payment plan split into four payments, which means they don’t have to pay the full price upfront. It makes it easier on those with less money in their pocket since they can pay off what they owe over time.

Best practices to use this mail:

  • Ensure you have a limited quantity available before sending this type of email.
  • Personalize everything.
  • Offer an interest-free payment plan if you can.
  • Don’t forget to mention that the offer is only valid for a short period.

3. Jaw-dropping offers

This type of email is designed to create a jaw-dropping effect. It’s meant to make users think they are getting a fantastic deal, encouraging them to buy from you. It includes free shipping coupled with some discounts. I know it can burn a hole in your pocket, but this is really effective when sending these emails to the first-time user.

How To Send Cart Abandonment Emails For Shopify: The 4-Email Playbook  You've Gotta Nail

This email is effective as it is personalized, and they are giving a 10% discount on their order. It is a win-win for both users and the company as it makes them look like they are giving something back to their customers.

Best practices to use this mail:

  • Give coupon codes with a percentage discount on the order.
  • Offer free shipping when it exceeds the selective value, for example, free shipping for orders above $110.

4. Social proofs

People will validate their purchase decision by looking at what others are doing. This is why reviews and testimonials play a significant role in making the conversion. You can show how many people have already used your product and how satisfied they were with it. This will help users decide as they will feel secure about buying from you.

Here's an example to better understand how to use social proofs:


As you can see, the mail contains real testimonials from genuine customers. This is a great way to use social proof and make people feel that they can trust you.

Best strategies to use social proofs:

  • Use testimonials from real users.
  • Show how many people have already used your product and how satisfied they were with it.
  • Use a clear CTA and subject line. 

How to create an abandoned cart email?

Shopify allows you to notify your users when they abandon their carts. Here's the step-by-step guide to enable the option and automatically send emails whenever a customer abandons their cart.

Step 1: Go to your Shopify admin, then click Settings.


Step 2: In Settings, click on "Checkout."


Step 3: Scroll down until you see "Abandoned Checkouts" and select the box to send abandoned checkout emails automatically.


Step 4: Choose to send the email to anyone who abandons checkout or just email subscribers.


Step 5: Choose when to send the email (recommended time is 10 hours).


Step 6: Next step is to customize the content in the mail. Click on "Customize Email" to customize the email's body text.


When you click on that, it will give you the HTML body text; all those programming symbols might look intimidating initially, but most of what's there is unnecessary. All we would recommend changing are specific sentences within the Email Body section.


Step 7: Preview the email to see what it looks like and make changes as necessary.


Step 8: Send a test email to see how the abandoned cart email will look.


Step 9: Click "Save" in the upper right-hand corner to save changes.


Then you're done! That's how you set up the abandoned cart/checkout emails.

Best Abandoned cart email templates

Now that you know how to set up abandoned cart emails, let’s take a look at some of the best email templates that save your time in finding the perfect email copy and templates,

1. Social proofs

This playful text and series of customer reviews will help you build a rapport with your customers. And, because it comes from real users, this template adds social credibility to your emails.

After seeing how many other people enjoy your product, people are more inclined to return and purchase.

positive reviews in the message

Here’s the script: 

Subject line: [name], check what people say about your selection!

Still, thinking about your product selection? See what others are saying about the same. 

[Insert positive reviews from customers]

Still have questions? We are always happy to help. 

Satisfied with your selection? We are always here to ship it. 

[Insert cart items]

Complete your purchase now. 

2. Email with timer

This email is designed to get customers back on track with their abandoned cart by showing them the time to make the final decision. This creates a sense of urgency, which will encourage customers to purchase.

timer in abandoned cart email templates

Here’s the script:

Subject line: It’s now or never [name]. We don't want you to miss this! 

It’s the perfect time to avail your perfect fit /choice. 

We are holding it for you. Make a decision now and avail free shipping. 

[Insert timer] 

[Insert cart items] 

Here’s what others are saying about your choice! 

Complete the purchase now or pay $ for shipping later. 

3. Highlighting the benefit

This email is designed to remind customers of all the benefits of purchasing your product. It’s a great way to emphasize how much value you provide and how it can improve their life. You can add more value by showing how your product makes their life better, easier, or more enjoyable.

stripo premium cart abandonment email template

Here’s the script:

Subject line: We saved it for now, but not for long!! 

[Name], we are holding your favorites on your cart; ready to purchase them? 

Here’s what you left on your cart 

[Insert cart items]

Here’s what people felt about those products: 

[Insert positive reviews from customers]

What else? Here’s what you will get with your purchase: 

[Insert benefits] 

Make a purchase now!!

4. Emails with featured products

You can use featured products to drive traffic back to your store. This email is designed to showcase and offer your best-selling products at a discounted price.

beefree email template for cart abandoners

Here’s the script:

Subject line: You left something behind, and we got even better than that!! 

We noticed that you had left something on your cart [name], so we decided to give you something even better than what you left behind.

[Insert cart items]

Here's what we found better than what you left behind: 

- [Insert item 1]

- [Insert item 2]

Ready to explore more and make a decision? 

Complete your purchase now. 

5. Special offer template

This will give you a better conversion rate, as users will get something like free shipping or a discount. You can use this email to promote your newest products, seasonal offers, or even clearance sales. The key here is simplicity and clarity.

Special Offer Abandoned Cart Email

Subject line: You deserve free shipping!

Yes, we are talking about the items on your cart.

It seems that you haven't made any progress in your cart.

So we are adding FREE SHIPPING for all the items in your cart for the next 24 hours.

Purchase now or spend $$ for shipping!

How to customize abandoned cart emails?

Now you have all the details you need to send the mail. But it's equal to lifting 50kg on a single hand if you didn't set up the automated workflow. Because how can you manually send every email to every customer? You need an automated marketing system that will do this work for you.

You need to sign up for Retainful and set up a workflow for this.

Let's see the step-by-step methods to customize abandoned cart email and create an automated workflow,

Step 1: Go to your Retainful dashboard and click "Automation."

automation in retinful

Step 2: On the next page, click "Create Workflows."

create new workflow

Step 3: Select "Abandoned cart recovery with dynamic coupon" and give your workflow a name.

create abandoned cart workflow

Step 4: Click "Continue" to create the workflow and access the Workflow builder page.

campaign name

Step 5: To customize the Shopify abandoned cart email, click on Email 1 and then access the template menu on the right side of the page.

customize Shopify abandoned cart email

Step 6: Edit the subject line, preview the text, and select a different template if desired.

change template in retainful

Step 7: Customize the email template using the Drag & drop email editor or use the existing template by clicking "Configure email content."

configure email content

Step 8: If desired, repeat these steps for additional abandoned cart emails in your workflow. Then save the mail and set up the triggers. Once done, you will be able to see your workflow in action.

email editor in retainful

Rise above emails with better conversion rates

Though email is still one of the best ways to boost your conversion rate, it's getting competitive daily, making it difficult for you to get a decent open rate. In fact, the average open rate for your emails is only 21%, given the subject line is catchy enough to gain clicks.

But what about the conversion rate? It's 3% and depends on the copy and multiple factors. Getting enough sales and ROI, it's not always the best option. That's why it's essential to stick with WhatsApp, as it gives a better conversion rate, as high as 40-60%, which is 5 times more than email and SMS.

Conversion Rates_ WhatsApp Vs Emails & SMS-uqawj

Just imagine the number of sales you can make if every single email earns you $100 and the average open rate is 21%. You will have to send at least 10,000 emails to get 1000 sales. But with WhatsApp, it's a different story. It's still the same audience, but the channel is different, with low competition and a high conversion rate.

With BiteSpeed, you can convert WhatsApp to a conversion machine that will bring you more sales and ROI. It allows you to send an abandoned cart recovery message with a question to know why exactly they left your store. If they say shipping costs, you can offer them free shipping to convert your user.

Moreover, it automates the review collection process by asking for feedback for a discount code for their next purchase. And it's a win-win situation; they got their discount, and you got both reviews and a second sale. 💰😎

What else? We have more features to upsell and a live WhatsApp chatbot feature that allows you to answer your user's query fast. So that you can convert traffic to sales without losing them at your fingertips. And hey, we've got some top-secret sales strategies that have worked wonders for others... but we'll only reveal them on our discovery call; when are you free?

We can't wait to make you the king of recovery and the ruler of all sales!😎

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