Shopify Product reviews: The Complete Guide

Sourabh Upreti
Sourabh Upreti
January 31, 2023

Shopify product reviews: the first thing that your customer looks for on a product page and the last thing they see before leaving.

If you're a Shopify store owner, it's easy to forget your store's product reviews. You've got a million other things to worry about—cart abandonment, shipping costs, customer service messages, and whatnot…

But if there's one thing that should always be at the top of your list, it’s getting more reviews for your products.

Product reviews are essential tools for any business owner because they help customers decide where to spend their money. They can make or break a sale, so you need them.

But the problem is, getting product reviews can be tough. That's why we created this guide. We'll show you how to get more product reviews, so your business will grow and thrive!

Let's dive in!

What are Shopify Product reviews?

Shopify Product reviews are the opinions of your customers about your product. It's a great way to measure how well you're serving your customers, how much they love (or hate) your product, and how much value they get from using it. It's also a great way to help your potential customers decide whether to buy your product. 

So make sure your reviews are of the same high quality as your products.

Here's an example from Phool on how they use it as social proof to get customers' hands on their product,


And it's OK to get a couple of negative reviews too. If all were great reviews, 95% of people suspect you're probably paying for them. 

Why are Customer reviews critical?

Let me wear your customer hat for a moment, and think about what it’s like to be a customer. 

As a customer, I have a problem and I'm looking for a solution. I come across your storefront page, and I see your product and reviews. I read the reviews, and I see that many customers have found your product to be helpful and have left positive feedback. 

This gives me confidence that your product will solve my problem. I also notice that you have a wide range of products, and your prices are reasonable. I decide to buy from you because I feel that you can provide me with the best value for my money. I proceed to check out, and the process is smooth and easy. I am now a happy customer, and I will likely return to your store in the future.

The key here is to give “trust and comfort” to your customers. To do this, give them the reassurance that you can offer great value for their money. This is why reviews and testimonials are important — they help reassure customers about the quality of your product or service.

And this is just one part of the puzzle. Here's why customer reviews are essential:

1. Gives them a sense of comfort.

When people see honest reviews from real customers, it gives them a sense of comfort. They can see that other people have used your product and were happy with the results. This is especially important if they are new to your business or buying something expensive.

Reviews are a great way to build and maintain credibility. When customers see that you consistently deliver on the promises made in your product descriptions, they're more likely to purchase from you again—and even write their reviews!

In fact, 66% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This means you risk losing 66% of your customers if you don't have reviews on your product!!!

2. Reviews help you rank higher in search engines.

Google, Bing, and other search engines use customer reviews as one of the factors when determining how to rank your site. If you don’t have any reviews, it can be challenging for potential customers to find your company and products online (especially if they're new to the market).

As per MOZ's Local Search Ranking Factors Survey, reviews account for 10% of the factors that Google and other search engines use to rank search results. This emphasises the significance of online reviews and how they cannot be overlooked.

That's why the first step to getting more reviews is to ask your customers for them. You can mail them or send them a WhatsApp message to encourage them to leave a review. This will also help you get more sales because your customers will be more likely to buy from you again if they feel like their opinion matters.

3. Reviews increase trust and credibility.

Customer reviews are one of the most important factors when determining potential customers' trust in your brand or product. If your products have lots of positive reviews, people are more likely to try them out themselves—especially if they're new to using your type of product.

If you have lots of positive reviews, people will be more likely to try your products themselves—especially if they're new to using your product. Reviews also increase credibility by showing that others have tried the product and found it helpful!

4. More reviews = More reputation.

When you have a good reputation, people will be more likely to trust your business and its products. If you have positive reviews and a high star rating, potential customers will know that others are happy with what they're offering. If this happens, it's more likely that someone will buy from you!

BrightLocal surveyed consumers to determine the elements that are most important when it comes to a business’s review profile. Guess what? Approximately 60% of consumers feel that the number of reviews a business has is significant when deciding whether to use its products.

The More Reviews, the Better

5. Increase Your Sales

When you have a positive reputation, it’s easier to sell your products. This is because people are more likely to trust what your business offers if they know that other customers have had good experiences with it.

In other words, your number of reviews indicates how good your products are. The more positive feedback you receive, the more likely people will want to try them out.

6. Increase Your Customer Base

A positive reputation is also a great way to attract new customers. If people see that other customers have had positive experiences with your business, they’ll be more inclined to try out what it has to offer themselves.  

Your customers, after seeing the product description

This is particularly true when it comes to e-commerce. Online shoppers are more likely to trust a product or service when they see that other customers have had positive experiences.

You can use this strategy by offering special deals or discounts to new customers based on the number of reviews you have. This can incentivize new customers to try your products or services and attract even more new customers.

Additionally, you can also use positive reviews on your website, social media, and other platforms to showcase your business's reputation and attract new customers.

How to Get More Product Reviews?

Now you know how important it is to show the "reviews badge" on your store, but how to get more product reviews? Just by asking, isn't it? But customers won't always leave a review on their own, even if they're satisfied with the product.

This is because leaving a review requires effort and time from the customer, and they may not see the value in doing so. Additionally, some customers may not feel comfortable leaving a review or may not know how to do so.

Whatever the reason is, you need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave reviews. Here are some tips on how to do that:

1. Ask for Reviews on WhatsApp.

Let's be honest; you can't miss any updates from WhatsApp as you can't miss your coffee in the morning. So it's only natural that your customers are checking their WhatsApp inboxes all the time.

This is why asking for reviews on WhatsApp is a great way to get more reviews and leave less effort on your customer's part. You can easily send them a message inquiring about their recent purchase. With BiteSpeed, you can ask your customers how they feel about their purchase; as it's a chat, they are likely to respond with one or two lines. 

You can even ask them to send original product images to prove they are using it. This way, you get more reviews without asking them to write a long, detailed review.

Moreover, you can automate the entire flow. BiteSpeed helps you automate the flow from sending review requests to providing discounts for them to writing reviews. The best part? You don’t have to spend hours doing this manually; instead, BiteSpeed does it for you.

Collect Product Reviews

Asking for reviews is one of the best ways to get them, but if it's not done right, it can backfire and hurt your business instead of helping it. Once you set the frequency of when you want the message to land in their inbox, you can begin sending review requests. You can customize the message to be more personalized and tailored to your business.

2. Send a post-purchase email.

Email is another great way to get reviews. You can send a post-purchase email that asks your customers to leave a review on your business listing and even include an incentive for them to do so. Doing this will allow you to build up reviews quickly and easily because it's one less thing you have to worry about!

Here's an example from Graza to help you craft a better email,


Ensure that you are creating an email that is personalized and tailored to your business and includes a call to action. You want it easy for customers to leave a review, so include a link within the email that leads them directly to the reviews section on your Shopify page.

Also, use a catchy subject line (but not a clickbait subject line) to encourage the reader to open your email. You could also include an incentive for customers to leave reviews, such as a discount code or free shipping.

3. Send an SMS.

SMS is a great channel to ask customers for feedback if you use SMS as part of your retail marketing strategy. Create an automated text message that goes out one-to-two weeks after they receive their order and give them a reason to respond by offering special discounts on future orders if they do so!

Ensure to include a link that takes customers directly to the product page so they can quickly leave reviews on their smartphones.

4. Add a thank you note to the package.

This is widely used and can be a great way to get customers to leave reviews. It's also inexpensive and takes very little time, so there's no reason not to do it. Simply write a short note thanking the customer for their purchase and let them know that if they're happy with their purchase, they should consider leaving a review.

Here’s an example, 


You can even give them a sure % cashback or discount on their next purchase.  This makes them feel special and valued, which is important in getting them to leave not only a review but also future purchases.


5. Push notifications.

Push notifications are a powerful tool for businesses to reach customers and ask for reviews. The key is ensuring that you’re only sending push notifications when it’s essential, not just because you want more reviews. 

You can use push notifications in various ways: to thank customers for their purchase, to let them know about an event or promotion, or even as a reminder to leave a review.


There are many ways to get reviews, but the most important thing is not to get too caught up in the numbers. The goal isn’t necessarily to have x number of reviews on your business page but to build relationships with your customers and increase brand awareness. By ensuring that you’re providing an excellent customer experience and treating them well, they will be more likely to leave a review—and tell their friends about it!

To make the request as friendly as possible, you need your supporting partner: BiteSpeed. It acts as your assistant to knock on every inbox of your customers, asking their opinion about the product. It's not pushy, salesy, or anything.

It's just showing your concern about your customer's satisfaction and letting them know that you care. After all, who doesn't love extra care from their favorite brands?

And with BiteSpeed, you can even recommend a similar product once the user submits their review. This is a great way to get more sales and encourages your customers to spread the word about your brand.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a free demo with us, and we will help you heap the reviews from customers; what say? 

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