LimeChat Review For D2C Brands: Features, Pros & Cons And Use Cases

Sourabh Upreti
Sourabh Upreti
November 4, 2022

As Facebook & Instagram ads are getting more expensive, E-commerce businesses are moving towards conversational commerce because of high ROI value.

The adoption of WhatsApp marketing in the conversational commerce space has reshaped the ways of communication for E-commerce brands that are continuously trying to provide the best services to their customers.

The right conversational commerce platform will undoubtedly give your E-commerce business the best ROI & increased LTV. 

There are some good ones including BiteSpeed, LimeChat, and Zoko to choose from.

However, picking the platform best suited to your needs isn’t that easy. What features will you get? Will you be able to build a chat automation flow that would serve your customers 24*7? 

In this LimeChat review, we’re going to decide if this is the right conversational commerce & marketing platform for your E-commerce business.

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LimeChat Review 2023:

What is LimeChat?

LimeChat is an omnichannel ecommerce communication platform that enables stores to communicate with customers on channels including channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

LimeChat is more geared towards live chat, chatbots & customer support across channels for Shopify stores. 

Let’s now dive into details.

LimeChat Review For Customer Support Dashboard
image courtesy LimeChat

Features offered by LimeChat

(rating 3/5)

Overall LimeChat offers a good agent support dashboard along with automation & marketing features that can help you reduce live agent costs.


LimeChat offers multichannel customer support on its platform. This gives the platform an edge over WhatsApp marketing solutions like WATI & Interakt.

Along with live chat support, it provides AI-based WhatsApp chatbots that are smarter than keywords-based chatbots processing complex queries.

Conversational marketing features like re-targeting and retention campaigns are available for eCommerce. It offers deep Integration with Shopify events.

For WhatsApp-based campaigns, LimeChat offers a comprehensive report on WhatsApp broadcasts, and cart recovery campaigns.

chatbot & customer support features review


LimeChat says it serves Shopify stores. That means other E-commerce businesses on WooCommerce, Magento may not be able to utilize the platform for customer support & conversational commerce. 

E-commerce-specific features including converting Cash On Delivery to prepaid, and user segmentation for marketing campaigns are yet to be available on the platform.

It lacks pre-approved WhatsApp message templates to get started.

Native integrations for third-party tools including CRMs, and Google Sheets are missing.

LimeChat pricing: customised plans for all

(rating 4/5)

LimeChat hasn't mentioned the pricing on the website. It offers customised plans for all.


LimeChat targets medium to large e-commerce brands and thus offers customized prices for everyone based on the modules of the solution they use.


LimeChat pricing also includes their team's installation time and effort to customize and implement the solution to suit your business goals.

Competitors like BiteSpeed & WATI offer easy & faster onboarding based on pre-made affordable plans making LimeChat a bit overpriced.

Onboarding & setup time on LimeChat

(rating 2/5)

Onboarding can take several weeks because all plans & the setup are customized to your business objectives. You’ll not be able to use the dashboard until their team sets up everything for you.

You will need to contact their support team to make any changes to your automation flows and chatbot.

Targeted ideal customers

LimeChat aims to serve Shopify stores & D2C brands to achieve higher ROI with their conversational commerce efforts. 

It comes with eCommerce-specific features like 2-way order shipment notifications, feedback campaigns & automated cart recovery campaigns.

LimeChat's features for Shopify stores

(rating 3/5)

It integrates with Shopify through a plugin that helps you set up multi-channel customer support directly from its platform.

Automated replies with AI-based chatbots & workflows that help you enable 24*7 omnichannel customer support for your store.

Cart recovery campaigns and broadcast lists enable you to launch marketing campaigns on WhatsApp & Instagram.

WhatsApp eCommerce features including WhatsApp catalogue help you showcase your products directly on your WhatsApp Business account.

Note: It is impossible on LimeChat to re-target visitors before checkout. That means you miss out on 90% of the potential sales.

BiteSpeed offers advanced features including re-targeting, revenue tracking to Shopify Stores. Check out why BiteSpeed is the best LimeChat alternative.

WhatsApp marketing features review

A quick summary of LimeChat’s offerings

(overall rating 3/5)

LimeChat offers manual onboarding through its team hence the initial cost becomes relatively higher than its competitors.If your primary objective is to offer multi-channel customer support for your Shopify stores, then LimeChat can be a good choice.

It provides chat automation features like AI Chatbots that work very well for support.

On the conversational marketing front, LimeChat still lacks some important features such as segmented broadcasts and tracking user journeys for re-targeting. It makes it hard to recommend for marketing purposes.

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