DelightChat's Review For Shopify Stores: Does It Serve Well?

Sourabh Upreti
Sourabh Upreti
December 6, 2022

Are you considering DelightChat as the multichannel support & conversational marketing solution for your Shopify store? If yes, then just follow along with this blog post.

Here we’re going to review DelightChat for you to decide if this is the right conversational commerce & marketing platform for your Shopify store.

In this review series, we’ve already reviewed all the major communication tools including WATI and Interakt that can certainly help you clock more revenue from your store.

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Let’s now talk about DelightChat in this DelightChat review.

DelightChat Review 2023:

What is DelightChat?

DelightChat is an omnichannel customer support platform that enables businesses to communicate with customers on channels including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Email & Live Chat.

It offers some features for WhatsApp marketing such as broadcasts, automated cart recovery campaigns etc.

But is DelightChat a good choice for your Shopify store? Does it offer all the essential marketing features to D2C stores?

Let’s dive in and find out.

Is DelightChat an ideal marketing solution for D2C brands?

(rating 2/5)

DelightChat is indeed a feature-rich platform and serves a variety of use cases such as multi-channel customer support, live chat with a shared team inbox, chat widgets for websites, WhatsApp marketing, and ROI analytics.

In our review, we’ve found that DelightChat is more geared towards live chat support. DelightChat offers a good agent support dashboard along with automation & basic WhatsApp marketing features that can help you reduce live agent costs & monitor revenue.

DelightChat's Dashboard Review
Image courtesy: DelightChat

The marketing features offered by DelightChat

Abandoned cart recovery campaigns: You can set up automated cart recovery messages on WhatsApp for users who’ve not completed the payment. You can also offer some additional discounts to make customers complete the purchase. These campaigns can help you increase revenue.

Segmented WhatsApp broadcast: WhatsApp broadcasts let you launch personalised marketing campaigns directly to customers’ WhatsApp inboxes. This personalised campaign enables you to offer discounts based on past purchases and other behaviour.

Convert COD to prepaid: RTO (return to origin) is a huge problem for D2C brands. You can reduce RTO by just asking COD users to complete payment before the delivery date or time. This will not help you generate more revenue but also reduce the operational cost that occurred for cancelled COD orders. You can set up COD to prepaid campaigns on DelightChat.

WhatsApp marketing features review

Essential marketing features missing on DelightChat

While DelightChat offers some good features to D2C for marketing, it misses many important features that are essential to understanding & target customers. In addition to DelightChat’s marketing features we mentioned above, BiteSpeed offers these features to all D2C stores on Shopify:

Reordering campaigns: These automated campaigns send customers a message that requests feedback & can ask them to reorder the product if they give you good feedback. These campaigns help you get repeat purchases from customers and increase your LTV.

Analytics on campaigns’ performance: Monitoring each campaign's performance is crucial for any marketer. BiteSpeed helps you monitor essential matrices such as the number of subscribers, opt-in rate, total revenue generated, no. of orders, campaigns’ CTR and many more.

Opt-In tools: Subscriber growth is essential to marketing across industries. For D2C brands, subscribers are even more critical to driving repeat purchases. You can run campaigns to engage, retarget, upsell, and cross-sell, all of which can help you generate more sales & revenue.

BiteSpeed’s opt-in tools include
1. Persistent Discount Widget
2. Visual Pop-up
3. Spin The Wheel Pop-up
4. Checkout Widget. 

Include discounts & coupon codes along with these opt-in tools to sales count for your store while simultaneously getting them subscribed for future communications.

Retarget pre-checkout: DelightChat doesn’t allow you to retarget visitors before checkout. That means you miss out on 90% of the potential sales. BiteSpeed lets you retarget people who have added to the cart, but not checked out. Similarly, you can retarget people who only viewed a product but did not even add to the cart.

WhatsApp targeting pre-checkout

Order up-sell & cross-sell: BiteSpeed lets you recommend products that go well with their recent purchase immediately along with their order receipt to upsell them and increase your average order value. Similarly, you can cross-sell products from other categories to your customers after a few weeks and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

These campaigns are low-hanging fruits that drive high ROI by getting your customers to buy more from you.

Sales attribution: The KPI for any performance marketing campaign is the revenue it generated. Sales attribution on BiteSpeed allows you to monitor exactly that. As a D2C marketer or owner, this can help you understand and prioritise new campaigns effortlessly.

Chatbot & chat automation features on DelightChat

A communication platform with a basic chatbot builder: Smart chatbots are efficient & essential to ensure 24*7 sales & support. They also help you retain customer loyalty & improve your CSAT score. With DelightChat, you can build a very basic rules-based chatbot that can serve only FAQs & most common queries. Complex queries can put an extra load on live agents during support. That’ll decrease overall efficiency & increase response time.

chatbot & customer support features review

Missing automation features on DelightChat: a deal breaker

An advanced chatbot flow builder: Unlike BiteSpeed, DelightChat doesn’t allow you to build & customize an intelligent WhatsApp chatbot on your own. This can be a huge dealbreaker for your business if you’re planning to launch personalised marketing frequently.

For e.g, You have some products in your store that can be personalised to each customer. This means every customer would ask a different set of questions. A basic chatbot on DelightChat won’t be able to solve all these queries because it is limited to FAQs. You would require an advanced chatbot that can trigger different flows in specific triggering conditions such as pricing, delivery time, location, quantity & discount.

BiteSpeed on the other hand offers you a complete condition & node-based no-code flow builder that helps you build & deploy an intelligent WhatsApp chatbot quickly so you won’t miss out on any sales opportunities. 

WhatsApp Chatbot builder

WhatsApp catalogue: DelightChat doesn’t allow D2C stores to set up their store catalogue on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Catalogue makes it easy for customers to check out products & start adding them to the cart directly from your WhatsApp Business number.

Customer support-related features on DelightChat

Multi-channel support inbox: Similar to BiteSpeed, DelightChat also provides businesses with multi-channel customer support on its platform. This gives the platform a competitive advantage over WhatsApp-only support & marketing solutions like WATI & Interakt. You can integrate Email, Facebook, and Instagram inside a single dashboard. 

Support agents’ performance analytics: DelightChat offers a live chat dashboard that can be used for offering customer support over WhatsApp. Businesses can check each agent’s performance, workload & resolution time.

Dedicated Shopify integration: It also offers Shopify integration with a dedicated plugin. This plugin helps Shopify stores manage support, orders & marketing communication easily via DelightChat.

Mobile apps: DelightChat does offer a mobile app that can help you support customers on the go. Agents can log in & chat with customers to resolve urgent issues directly from the app.

Canned messages/ support automation: DelightChat also allows the support team to set up basic chat automation/quick replies for FAQs and general queries & chat flows.

DelightChat doesn’t offer these support dashboard features

Assisted shopping & creating carts: Unlike BiteSpeed, DelightChat doesn’t allow live agents to assist shoppers on WhatsApp. Only BiteSpeed allows support agents to add products to shoppers’ carts if they ask.

Unlimited agents:
Unlike BiteSpeed, DelightChat doesn’t offer unlimited agents for support. You’ve to buy additional agents' support if you get a large number of queries from your marketing campaigns.

Other essential features missing on DelightChat

DelightChat needs to catch up in marketing capabilities. Though it does offer basic marketing features such as broadcasts & automated replies, advanced features such as re-targeting workflows, cross-sell, upsell and personalised broadcasts with segmentation are absent. 

WhatsApp broadcast with segmentation

These features are necessary for launching a successful marketing campaign that can give 30-40% more ROI than traditional WhatsApp campaigns.

It lacks many D2C-specific features including WhatsApp shop & catalogue, campaign opt-in tools like spin the wheel, UTM-based tracking, and re-targeting with up-sell & cross-sell campaigns.

It doesn’t offer pre-approved WhatsApp message templates to get started quickly.

DelightChat pricing: an affordable alternative to Intercom

(rating 3/5)

DelightChat’s base plan starts at $49/month. This plan includes a multi-channel support inbox, 5 live agent support & WhatsApp marketing features.

DelightChat’s base plan offers support for all the platforms but limits the no. of support tickets to 1000/month. It charges $10 per extra 100 tickets.

Marketing capabilities are also limited in each plan starting from 5000 contacts/month. It again charges $10 per extra 1000 contacts in the base plan.

It offers call support only in the most expensive plan. Support SLA for the base plan is 2 working days.

Support, onboarding & setup on DelightChat

(rating 3/5)

DelightChat offers 1:1 personalised onboarding calls in both mid & high-tier plans. 

The onboarding call includes setting up support channels, WhatsApp marketing automation & broadcasts, auto-responders and automatic replies, adding team members and access control, creating WhatsApp message templates, and self-service widget setup.

Targeted ideal customers for DelightChat

DelightChat aims to serve businesses & e-commerce stores looking to set up a multi-channel support solution as a primary requirement. It can be a good tool for businesses having a large support ticket volume across channels and have enough human agents to offer live chat support.

DelightChat lacks personalised & deep marketing capabilities hence businesses & D2C stores that are looking to explore advanced conversational marketing campaigns as an alternative to traditional social media ads to maximise ROI & revenue will not find DelightChat an ideal solution.

A quick summary of DelightChat’s offerings

(rating 3/5)

DelightChat offers a feature-rich, capable & multi-channel support inbox with advanced features that makes it a good team inbox to recommend.

From messaging to comments, DelightChat helps you set up replies on each popular social media platform. It also offers automation to make sure your support works 24*7.

On the marketing front, the product is still evolving and competitors like BiteSpeed have a lot more to offer compared to DelightChat.

If you’re primarily looking for multi-channel support & a deep WhatsApp marketing solution for your D2C store, DelightChat won’t be an ideal solution.

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