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Product Recommendation Quiz



Shop Quiz allows you to interact with your customers by asking targeted questions and recommending the right products for them. The quiz utilizes Zero-Party Data Quiz, which captures actionable data by asking targeted questions to your customers. The captured leads can be sent to your mailing list or CRM, and you can leverage this data to create more effective marketing campaigns with a higher return on investment.

Top Features
  • Shoppable quizzes drive sales, advise customers on finding the right products for them and help them make confident purchasing decisions.
  • Quizzes let you collect actionable data by asking your customers targeted questions.
  • Leverage customer profile data to create more personalized, higher ROI marketing campaigns.
  • Easy to install, no coding required.
  • Free Plan- $0/ month
  • Basic Plan- $39/ month
  • Pro Plan- $99/ month
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