Opinew collects reviews automatically and shows the best ones on your websites to boost trust and credibility. Opinew is trusted by thousands of brands and acts as an all-in-one review management solution with advanced automation. World's best companies use Opinew to collect & display their reviews as Opinew collects 100% more reviews automatically with email & SMS flows.

Top Features
  • Connect to Klaviyo, Omnisend, and LoyaltyLion to build custom review collection experiences.
  • Send a mass campaign to get reviews from orders placed before Opinew installation.
  • Fast 1-click import & in bulk
  • With aggressively optimized code (40kb), minification, and distribution on a fast-access CDN network, your Page Speed will be fast and Lighthouse scores will remain intact.
  • Starter Plan- $19/ month
  • Growth Plan- $89/month
  • Advanced Plan- $199/month
  • Enterprise Plan- $499/month
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