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Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals

S Loyalty


S Loyalty is a popular choice among Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants looking to establish deeper connections with their customers through rewards programs. This platform offers a variety of rewards, personalized bonuses, and points-based campaigns to incentivize repeat purchases. It is designed to be user-friendly, allowing businesses to easily engage customers with personalized rewards and custom campaigns.

Top Features
  • Completely customize and apply your own design elements to the look and feel of your loyalty program.
  • Set your own custom redemption levels, and choose between multiple types of rewards like free shipping, percentage off, and dollars off, etc.
  • Choose what you want, when you want it – whitelist a collection for a specific reward, customize your point earnings, and more.et your customers earn 2x and 3x the normal amount of points to your branded loyalty program during the event.
  • Free- $0/ month
  • Basic- $19.99/ month
  • Standard- $39.99/ month
  • Pro- $69.99/ month
  • Premium- $119.99/ month
  • Higher Volume- $199.99/ month
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