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Lootly Loyalty & Rewards



Easily launch your own loyalty, referral, and affiliate marketing programs with Lootly. Customize every aspect of your program, including colors, text, images, and actions in just a few minutes. Encourage customers to share your brand across social media, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger with just one click. Utilize Lootly's affiliate program to drive new ambassador signups to your store, resulting in revenue growth. Our post-checkout popup feature makes it easy for customers to refer their friends to your store.

Top Features
  • Segment customers based on how much they order from you and reward top spenders.
  • Offer entry rewards when customers first achieve VIP status and lifetime rewards for their continued loyalty to your brand.
  • Create unique names for your tiers that best represent your brands such as Gold Tier or Surf Legend
  • Create special VIP programs for specific groups of customers such as Retail and Wholesale users.
  • Pro- $299/ month
  • Advanced- $699/ month
  • Enterprise- Custom
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