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Cashback Rewards Program

Cashback Rewards Program



Increase customer engagement and sales with the Webplanex rewards app. This unique tool provides a powerful incentive for customers to return to your store, leading to increased repeat orders. Offer cashback rewards to drive more orders and customer engagement. The app offers a variety of options for running cashback campaigns for your valued customers.

Top Features
  • You can add cashback labels to the individual products by specifying a percentage amount or fixed amount
  • If you have a Sale for the whole collection then you can also set a label for the whole collection with a percentage amount or a fixed amount.
  • You can customize products or collection labels with text font color as well as a label background color as per your design theme.
  • Customers will get beautifully designed thank-you notes after they complete their order with earned and used cashback.
  • Basic- $0/ month
  • Medium- $19.99/ month
  • Advanced- $49.99/ month
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