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Candy Rack — One Click Upsell

Candy Rack — One Click Upsell



Candy Rack is an application that enables e-commerce stores to increase sales by offering related products to customers during the purchase process. Candy Rack allows you to offer upsells and cross-sells during the purchase flow, including checkout (post-purchase) upsells. Offers are displayed as a simple yet very effective pop-up that looks great even on mobile devices.

Top Features
  • Smart Auto-Upsell feature offering the most relevant products based on the Shopify algorithm.
  • Candy Rack is optimized for mobile devices to tap consumer demand for mobile shopping.
  • Take advantage of various prepared upsell templates or create your own custom versions.
  • The app’s script is loaded asynchronously to ensure stable and smooth performance.
  • Basic Shopify- $29.99/ month
  • Standard Shopify- $49.99/ month
  • Advanced Shopify- $99.99/ month
  • Shopify Plus- $199.99/ month
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