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Back in Stock Alerts



SpurIT is a full-service Shopify development platform and helps businesses of different sizes around the globe to reach their eCommerce goals. SpurIT utilizes an "In Stock Reminder" badge and a "Notify Me" pop-up to alert customers when a product is back in stock. The pop-up appears when the user clicks on the badge icon and can also automatically appear when the user is viewing an out-of-stock product.

Top Features
  • With custom functionality you can suggest something to your customers that your competitors can’t.
  • Get both superior analytics and personal ad strategy in one place.
  • A fully customizable design of the pop-up and badge to tailor to your needs.
  • Editable email notification templates in different languages.
  • Basic- $3000
  • Advanced- $6000
  • Professional- $9000
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