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AiTrillion All in one 11+ Apps



AiTrillion offers an exclusive Loyalty Program with Email Marketing, SMS, Push, Product Reviews, Membership & 11+ features. This platform offers a range of powerful features that can help you streamline your business, boost your sales, and save time and effort. Features include an exclusive Loyalty program with Email marketing, SMS marketing, Web push notifications, Product reviews, Membership, an Affiliate Program, & more.

Top Features
  • Easily track and manage your loyalty program with advanced analytics and reporting.
  • Send loyalty redeem reminders via email, SMS and web push for maximum engagement with automation.
  • Encourage customers to become recurring members and earn bonus loyalty points.
  • Encourage customers by giving bonus loyalty points to signup as Affiliates. Also, send emails and SMS to subscribe.
  • STARTUP PLAN- $15/month
  • GROWTH PLAN- $65/month
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WhatsApp Marketing,
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